Baba Hariharnath Temple Puja, Sonepur

Baba Hariharnath Temple Puja, Sonepur

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Dated on : Tue 07, May 2024

Maharaj Ji


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Baba Hariharnath Shivling is the only such pagoda in the world, in which half of the figure is of Shiva (Har) and the rest is the figure of Vishnu (Hari), both the gods sitting together in the same sanctum are called Harihar. It is believed that it was established by Brahma himself to bring the Shaiva and Vaishnava sects closer to each other. The legend of Gaj-Grah is also proof. There is also a fact that after a long struggle at this place, there was a cease-fire between Shaivites and Vaishnavites at this place. According to the legend, Shri Ramchandra, while going to Janakpur with Guru Vishwamitra, stayed here and established Hari and Har. His footprints are present in Ramchaura, Hajipur. In this area, people of Shaivite, Vaishnava and Shakta sect together take bath and Jalabhishek of Kartik Purnima.

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